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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Scaffolding options to Meet Your Needs


Wanting to reinforce your home with a scaffolding specialist you can trust? Our knowledge and experience of domestic scaffolding shows we are extremely reliable and are well capable of catering to your project’s requirements.

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Needing assurance of public safety and for disruption to be as minimal as possible? With safety being our number one priority, let us ensure you can carry about your day-to-day work without any hassle - no matter the size of the job!


Our team have worked on some of the biggest projects across Scotland and the UK - as well as offshore in the oil and gas industry. Having such an elite team ensures we are one of the prime scaffolding companies in the UK for carrying out industrial jobs.

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Roof Edge Protection

With deep understanding of the various types and shapes of roofs, we can design and implement prime roof-edge protection to ensure any risk from working at height is brought down to a minimum.

Scaffolding Design

Never take a chance when it comes to scaffold design. Instead, come to a trusted supplier who will ensure the design is completely safe, and will allow you to get your project finished without any hitch!

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Scaffolding Hire

Need a quick lift whilst also wanting to find a reputable firm at competitive rates? At Mercury, we can get you properly outfitted without leaving you feeling both wanting in quality, and like you haven’t got your money’s worth.