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Domestic and Commercial

When it comes to potential projects, we pride ourselves on our versatility. We never fear the size of any job, and are always ready to give you the sure-footing you need to finish your projects.


For a domestic project, why not go for a company with a rich vein of experience to put your faith into. By calling Mercury, you can focus on the further aspects of your domestic or personal projects and let us take care of any scaffolding work you desire. Wanting to know the risks before we start? Don’t worry, we will carry out a risk assessment prior to any scaffolding work to ensure the safety of any structure implemented too.

Likewise, for commercial jobs, we have no fear in making bespoke calculations and look forward to any architectural challenge that can come up. Our commercial scaffolding teams are all well equipped, trained and knowledgeable in the methods of creating these tailor-made scaffolds, and will always look to deliver a high quality job whilst making sure health and safety is an utmost priority.


Need any advice for your Domestic or Commercial job? Give us a call now!